Local Elections 2016


We attempted to send a letter to all of the candidates who were standing in the local elections in May. Here is our letter:

Cand letter - Adver.docx 

Clearly some candidates received the letter earlier than others, especially where e-mail addresses helped to speed up the process. We posted replies on here as soon as possible. Click on the links to see the replies that we received. On pdf's that have been scanned you may have to access 'tools' then 'rotate' to read logically.

Further responses appear on the next page

Russell Holland reply.docx

Stan Pajak reply.docx

Response from Bill Hughes.pdf

Response from Howard March.docx

Response from Brian Mathew.docx

Ray Ballmann response.docx

Andy Bentley - Response.docx

Ray Fisher response.docx

Response Tony Hillier.docx

Reply from Bob Wright.docx

Response from Livio Pavone.docx

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